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Contact Lens Policy




When you purchase contact lenses from this practice, the price you pay by Direct Debit includes:


1. A regular supply of contact lenses (the quantity per month depends on the type of lens you wear).


2. 20 % Discount off a pair of spectacles (one purchase per year).


3. Up to 6 replacement lenses (in case you lose or split your lenses).


4. Full eye examination routinely as required (normally charged at £30.00).


5. Regular contact lens check-ups (£30 if not on Direct Debit).


6. We will also maintain the care and the health of your eyes by not charging for any emergency visits you may need throughout the year.


We will be happy to meet the price of any alternative supplier, but all your check-ups and emergency visits will be charged at £50 per visit. Free replacement lenses and discounts will also NOT apply.


We will not supply contact lenses to you without an agreement to two check-ups per annum. This in order to ensure your eyes stay healthy and your contact lens prescription is to your latest specification.