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Our staff have been  trained to advise you on the best choice of lenses and coatings. These can have a significant effect on the final appearance of your spectacles. A range of thinner and lighter lenses are now available for high prescriptions, aswell as special coatings to reduce glare and annoying light reflections. Depending on your prescription requirements you can choose from our range of single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses. You may also benefit from the various coatings, tints and lens upgrades that we have available, such as high index, aspheric, photochromic or polarised lenses with a range of tints and coatings to choose from. Our optical assistants will advise you on the best type of lenses with regards to your lifestyle requirements.


We only use top quality lens products from manufacturers such as Essilor and Hoya.

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A single vision lens corrects one of the following:


Myopia: Faraway images appear blurred while close images are reasonably in focus; corrected with ‘minus’ power concave lenses.


Hyperopia: Faraway images are reasonably in focus and close images appear blurred; corrected with ‘plus’ power convex lenses.


Astigmatism: If you have astigmatism, you will require two different correction powers in two different meridians (horizontally and vertically for example). This is corrected with a lens containing a cylindrical component.


Presbyopia: Usually occurs for those people aged 40+.  They find it increasingly difficult to read, as the lens of the eye becomes less flexible and focusing on nearby objects becomes difficult. In the single vision category, reading glasses can be the solution.



Superior progressive designs offering exceptional comfort


A progressive design or multifocal lens provides excellent vision at all distances. The various correction areas partially overlap into each other, so that the discomfort of any sudden transition into each segment is eliminated.


There are many types of varifocal lenses available from conventional designs through trueform designs to tailor made premium products. We believe in offering our patients only the best varifocal designs using either Varilux or Hoya products. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all varifocal lenses in the unlikely event you are unable to tolerate varifocal designs.

Varifocal / Progressive lenses

Some of us need different strength lenses for distance and near activities. One solution is to have separate pairs of spectacles for each e.g.single vision lenses. With Bifocal lenses you only need one pair of glasses as they have two prescriptions within one lens, usually reading in the lower half and distance in the upper. This means that you only need one pair of glasses whether you are reading a newspaper or watching TV - or both. One draw back of bifocal lenses is the lack of an intermediate area for seeing at a middle distance for example computer use.

Bifocal Lenses

Single Vision Lenses