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The Eye Examination

Having an eye test is the cornerstone of maintaining good vision. You may notice if your eyes get dry or bloodshot, but for the most part, the ability to see clearly is taken for granted. Yet the eye, being an extension of the brain, is among the most complicated organs in the human body, and regular inspections by an Optometrist will help keep these precision instruments working efficiently and comfortably.


An eye examination will tell you whether your sight can be improved with glasses or contact lenses aswell as picking up potentially blinding eye conditions such as glaucoma or macula degeneration. As the the eye is the only place on the body where the blood vessels can be seen (on the retina) an eye examination may also detect systemic health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.


Regular eye examinations, at least every 2 years, or sooner if the Optometrist decides, are an important health check.


At Saunders & Schwarz Optometrists we allow a full 30 minutes for an eye examination and use up to date knowledge and expertise together with modern technology to enable us to assess your eyes and  vision effectively. Following the examination we will discuss the results and advise you accordingly.


What's involved ?

  • Comprehensive history taken to highlight potential problems.  

  • Detailed inspection of internal and    external structures of your eyes. 

  • Your prescription allowing visual correction to the best possible standard determined.

  • Any additional screening tests as required, for instance visual field testing or retinal photography.