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Urgent & Emergency Examinations

At Saunders & Schwarz we are able to offer appointments for urgent and acute eye problems. As an Independent Prescribing Practice, we may also be able to write a prescription for medication, preventing a referral to the eye hospital.

This examination is known as an Examination for Urgent Eye Problems and this available under the Wales General Ophthalmic Service. Some eye diseases can lead to blindness or some loss of vision, but if detected early enough, your eyesight can often be saved.

As part of an examination for an urgent eye problem we will carefully examine your eyes to see if anything is wrong. The tests and equipment they use will depend on what you tell them and what they find. An eye examination for an urgent eye problem is more in-depth than, and different to a routine vision test so it may take longer. If the optometrist decides you need an examination for an urgent eye problem, it won’t cost you anything.

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