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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

What does an OCT scan do ?

OCT retinal scanning allows us to obtain a far more detailed image of your eye than ever before. With our new REVO-OCT machine we are able to take a hospital-quality scan, using state of the art technology, giving us a more detailed clinical picture of the eye, particularly the retina.

An OCT scan gives us a 3D image allowing us to visualise all the layers of the retina in a cross-section, this is in contrast to a retinal photograph which gives us a 2 D image. Our machine allows us to do both 2D retinal photos and 3D OCT scans in one quick procedure.

REVO FC printcreens2.png

Why should I have an OCT?

An OCT scan allows the optometrist to detect early signs of glaucoma, macula conditions (such as macular degeneration) and types of retinopathy. The sooner we detect an ocular condition, the sooner any necessary treatment can begin. OCT is also invaluable in the monitoring of any progression of a disease, particularly glaucoma.

fundus photo 1 200x200.png
RETINA 2.png

2D retinal photo                     3D OCT Retinal Scan

What does an OCT cost? 

An OCT is a private procedure and therefore is not covered under NHS. If you wish to have OCT carried out there is a cost of £20 which includes an OCT scan, a retinal photo and a comprehensive assessment of the results by an optometrist. Please let us know when you book your appointment if you would like an OCT scan. 

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